For almost 9 years HUAGUI MOSAIC have been proudly making the most beautiful custom mosaic tile

right here in Foshan, China. We have variety styles of mosaic tiles for you to choose from, such as glass mosaic tiles, glass subway tiles, stone mosaic tiles, metal mosaic tiles, 

ceramic mosaic tiles and so on.


We strive to become the professional OEM/ODM provider in the mosaic tiles industry. Considering different customers' requirements for wedge hardness and finishes, Huagui Decorative Mosaic provides OEM/ODM services to meet market demands.

The OEM/ODM service helps cope with the design problems with a dedicated team. Huagui mosaic endeavors to deliver quality solutions to our customers through our OEM/ODM services. 

Nine years experience of mosaic tiles production and marketing.

Our factory has been verified onsite by Bureau Veritas world-leading inspection company.

Develope 100 new design of tile and mosaic every month.

24 hours
customer service.




Service-Hotline: +86-13516513953







Huagui Mosaic was created by Guosheng Li in 2010. Mr. Li’s dream is to produce the best quality mosaic tiles and brings the beauty of mosaic tiles to every family of the world. Almost 10 years later, Huagui mosaic is designing and making truly innovative glass surfaces for clients worldwide.

Started out as a Chinese domestic factory, Huagui mosaic is now a worldly known glass tile manufacturer based in Foshan, China where all of our products are manufactured in accordance with internationally accepted quality standards. With over 50 designers all over the world working with us, Huagui has gained great reputation into the needs of its customers. Unique to our competitors however, Huagui’s glass tiles stand out among the majority due to its good service, advanced technology, and creativity.
Leading the development of innovative glass surface materials, everything is crafted by artisans directly for you in our Foshan factory. Made to order, we never run out of stock and colors are always current.

We would love for you to visit Huagui mosaic and we can share the interesting production process with you Just call to set-up a tour.


Uses for Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles are one of the most popular and widely used tiles in the market. The origin of mosaic tiles can be traced back to the Roman and Greek times. However, they have evolved with time and are now available in various different designs and patterns. These tiles are used to give a beautiful and original appearance to houses.
Mosaic tiles are available in various different types such as glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, metal mosaic, stone mosaics, shell mosaic, and resin mosaic, etc. which can be used for different purposes. The mosaic tiles can be widely used for Kitchen, Living Room, Flooring, Shower, Sink, Bathroom, pool and fireplace for beautifying your home.

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