For almost 9 years HUAGUI MOSAIC have been proudly making the most beautiful glass tile and mosaic tile right here in Foshan, China.


6000 square meters


1000 new designs of glass tiles and mosaic


Serving the international market for 8 years

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We are committed to crafting the highest quality glass tile and mosaic tile that are made in China and to working with our employees to develop a sustainable and enjoyable working environment.

The factory buildings cover total area of 6,000 square meters. The whole production process from design to pack is completed in-house under strict quality guidelines.


Our dedicated staff, advanced production facilities and efficient management give us strong support to ensure high quality and competitive price products for our customers, and prompt delivery is also guaranteed.


Every year, we develop more than 100 new design of glass tile and mosaic tile, we have two certificate of product patent so far.

Huagui Mosaic is taking significant long-term action to ensure that we have a minimal effect on the environment both pre and post production. The Organic waste gas purifier machine used for treating organic waste gases generated by printing and drying process. Environment friendly is our mission.


We proudly served international market for 9 years. Made on demand, we never run out of stock and colors are always current.


Order one or thousands, we can make what you want when you need it.


We strive to give you a happy unique experience when working with us.


We would love for you to visit Huagui Mosaic and see for yourself what we do. Just call to set-up a tour.

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