a luxury hotel in your own home; the mandarin oriental branded homes in barcelona are the ultimate destination for the jet-set, says keith perry. - garden swimming pool

by:Huagui     2019-10-06
a luxury hotel in your own home; the mandarin oriental branded homes in barcelona are the ultimate destination for the jet-set, says keith perry.  -  garden swimming pool
Luxury goods by Keith Perry
This is the latest buzzword at the top.
The ultimate buyers and super rich.
Jet aircraft.
They spend a lot of time traveling around the world and want hotel style comfort and can now enjoy a 365-day lifestyle in their own home.
Mandarin Oriental-
As we all know, the epitome of the elegance and refinement of pop stars and football players-
The potential of this growing market has been discovered and is now being offered to clients in Barcelona, Spain's coolest city.
Forget to park Bentley, open your groceries, or mix your own martini-
These new homes in the heart of the city allow someone to relax in your comfortable rooftop Jacuzzi with your private chef preparing dinner.
The dedicated concierge will even organize everything at the Super party.
Prepare yacht topney rides for your child's birthday.
First stop-
The only Mandarin Oriental House in the world will be housed in an office. to-
1960 block residential conversion less than 1 km from Mandarin Oriental hotel.
The project is located at the top of the city's luxury shopping street Passeig de Gracia, built by Barcelona-
Headquartered in KKH Capital & Property, a luxury developer.
The modern tower, designed by Carlos Ferrater, is taller than any historical building around it and will be the tallest residential building in Barcelona.
From the top floor apartment on the 20 th floor, you can see the steps along Pasig de Gracia to mararina and the sea, as well as the almost finished Holy House.
One, two, three bedroom apartment and four bedroom apartment with a total of 30
The penthouse of the bedroom, and some have been sold.
The apartment covers an area ranging from 120 to 580 square meters and has a city, ocean and mountain view of 360 degrees.
The price starts [euro]2.
3 m, planned to be completed by the end of 2020.
Rod Taylor said: "We are seeing the development trend of brand residential buildings in cities around the world. Barcelona combines urban culture and lifestyle and is the ultimate city destination . " First Pacific Davis International director of new development.
"With Mandarin Oriental, you will know the service level of the hotel.
The brand sets a high standard in the quality of its finishes, designs and legendary services.
"The apartment will have its own private space --
Amenities: fitness center, spa, rest for residents, 625 m² rooftopgarden and swimming pool.
24-hour concierge service and concierge service will also be provided.
Catering and event catering.
Owners can also use the facilities of nearby hotels-
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Barcelona-
A spa, bar and twoMichelin-
Star moment restaurant
111 Gracia avenue-
Spain equivalent to London bonds-
Home of the world-
Famous fashion companies and the best restaurants in Barcelona.
You can also find some architectural masters of the city, including Batlow in Gaudí and Casa Mira.
Paul Massot, director of development at Mandarin Oriental group, said: "In addition to the five owners, our 34 new owners will enjoy the safety and privacy of independent buildings
Nearby Star-rated services and facilities at Mandarin Oriental hotel.
The property market in Barcelona's Catalunya suffered a strong push for independence in October 20. the conflict between andpolice and protesters intensified the deadly terrorist attack on Ramblas avenue.
But since then the market has rebounded, Spanish real estate expert Lucas Fox's first-quarter sales have more than tripled over the same period of 2018.
British buyers account for international buyers and American buyers.
The number of buyers in the Middle East has also increased significantly, accounting for 14 of sales.
"Barcelona is not only a traditional resort, but also a traditional major city," Lucas Fox said . "
Said founder Alexander Vaughan.
"It attracts a young, wealthy buyer for various reasons --
Score from Michelin
As a financial technology center, Starbucks has a growing reputation.
"The development of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Barcelona has attracted a lot of people's interest and indicated the direction of the market.
We have certainly seen an increase in inquiries and offers for major properties since 2018, so far209 looks very positive.
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