want to be james bond? fancy a snack? dubai's top concierge service delivers. - garden swimming pool

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want to be james bond? fancy a snack? dubai\'s top concierge service delivers.  -  garden swimming pool
As the owner of a concierge company, Caroline Hargreaves of Caroline essentially meets the needs of some of dubai's 'swealthiest' residents, who are used to making every whim,
However, when it opened last month at the chic nightclub flees on Sheikh Zayed Road, a customer was called at midnight to have a Kit Kat really eat cookies. The two-
Fried chocolate wafer snack for about dhs2.
50, delivered to customer--
A French national who contributes up to Dhs170, 000 per year to his top events
Classic package--
"Within 20 minutes"
Last summer, an energetic, lazy British client called from his comfortable back --
Garden Pool, please bring him some sparkling water from Quintessentially-
The fridge in his kitchen
He also asked for a pizza. Round-the-
Clockglobal luxury lifestyle management has offices in more than 60 countries around the world.
Dubai branch celebrated its 10 th anniversary this month with a mantra: "The answer is always yes if it is not resurrection.
"The client's requirements include someone who wants to be James Bond, a team of about 40, and recently, A customer asked to write down all his details on the 700 Dubai mall sweepstakes to win arabegioni and almost had to cheer up again.
Hargreaves said the difference between Dubai and other cities such as London is that the people of the UAE want immediate action ---as in now.
"People plan their activities in London, and Dubai is the last moment.
"This is full of spontaneity," the general manager said, adding that employees will receive calls from people who want to go to the club or sell at dinner --
Show in 20 minutes.
"This is the nature and culture of the city," she said . "
For a Dubai client called at3am, spontaneity is undoubtedly the key, he only notified a few hours in advance to arrange cakes and balloons for a party of 60 people ---
Especially sausage cakes and balloons. In Singapore --
Three o'clock P. M. .
On New Year's Eve, a member spent the last day
Two minutes Dhs300, 000-
On New Year's Eve, a member attended an hour's yacht party to watch the midnight fireworks
Two minutes Dhs300, 000-
After getting in touch with the team at ten o'clock P. M. , the one-hour yacht party watched the midnight fireworks and suddenly hoped not to miss the celebration.
Lack of planning will definitely lead to a lazyso-and-
So even if the company is asked to do his MBA-
Give him math homework.
In fact, it was illegal to do these classes, so the team pieced together the research notes and sent them to him.
Fortunately, most of the requirements are more common "everyday" requirements such as booking a restaurant.
"The team actually likes some of the more eccentric requirements," she said . "
They think it's a challenge. -
I think you have to work in such a job.
The membership package that Quintessentially starts every year from the atdhs million is "strictly restricted" to 2,000 people-
Abu Dhabi also has 2,000 people.
Celebrities including Madonna, Coldplay and actor Colin Firth have used the company's services in Dubai.
The typical even hired an "elitenightlife manager" who is in the small town of UAE every night from 8 to three o'clock A. M. every week.
But when it comes to night creatures, what is the most important request in a decade-long focus on Dubaiservice?
Dubai wants to be James Bond
Yes, 007 himself.
SoQuintessentially set it up at a special film location in Jordan with car chase and shooting scenes.
Luckily, there's Bond's favorite drink ---
Of course it's shaking, not stirring. -
Not clever. duncan. hare @7days.
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