The main raw material of mosaic is natural stone material more, in its wearability respect, it is the adornment material such as ceramic tile and wooden floor cannot compare. Because mosaic brick each the aperture between small grain is more, form its to resist stress ability to want to have advantage more than other adornment material. The mosaic type on market is various, colour is rich, greatly abounded household building to decorate material market, brought more colour for the life of people. 

Huagui ceramic mosaic tile manufacturers specializes in making custom mosaic tiles and sells them all over the world. Our ceramic mosaic tile also is the right choice in household adornment, can let in the home look brand-new. Ceramic mosaic tile is the ceramic tile of the most traditional one kind of mosaic, with cabinet and exquisite celebrated, but relatively drab, class also is low. General ceramic mosaic tile, have waterproof, moistureproof, wear-resisting and easy to clean wait for a characteristic, but plasticity is not strong, use at outer wall and hutch defend mostly.

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