Huagui marble subway tile backsplash Now which is the pool film and mosaic tile?

The waterproof material of the swimming pool waterproof market mainly consists of mosaic tiles and swimming pool film. Which effect is good in the practical application of swimming pool waterproofing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of waterproof film and mosaic tile? The first small series was analyzed from the following four points.

Comparison of product specifications:

a, waterproof rubber film variety, different patterns according to customer needs, suitable for swimming pools of various shapes, now more and more wading places choose the first waterproof decorative film, new pattern, colorful, can be the overall decoration The style is the finishing touch, the color is comfortable and the environment is elegant. Now swimming pools, private villa pools, high-end hotels, landscape gardens and water parks are widely used.

b. The mosaic tile specifications are relatively simple, and the puzzle is limited. If the puzzle is too small, the mosaic particles are required to be small, and the large particle puzzle effect is not obvious. The color is relatively small. If the color of the puzzle is too much, the final puzzle effect may not be ideal.

Material safety comparison:

a. Waterproof adhesive film is made of environmentally friendly PVC material. As a new type of research and development material, it absorbs the defects of traditional mosaic technology and improves the process. The swimming pool waterproof decorative film adds antioxidant, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, the molecular stability of components is not easy to be stained. Things, no bacteria, skin soft and slippery, pay more attention to your safety in the pool.

b. The mosaic tile is fragile. If it is not carefully checked during the paving, the tile particles will leave a safety hazard to the swimming pool. In the process of use, the mosaic tile will fall off and the user may be scratched.

Waterproof comparison:

a. The first swimming pool waterproof decorative film has good waterproofness and the service life can reach fifteen years. The first waterproof decorative film is the whole closed decorative structure, which plays the role of internal waterproof and external decoration, plus the natural pressure of water, it is not easy to fall off. There is no need to repair and repair in the later stage. The installation of waterproof decorative film is coil welding, and there are fewer hot-melt welded joints, which are not easy to hide.

b. The life of the mosaic tile is short, the mosaic is easy to fall off and the empty drum is scratched to the customer. The inconvenient maintenance cost is 2-3 years and needs to be refurbished once. The mosaic tile is filled with caulking tools on the mosaic, and the mosaic is single stitched. The area is small. If the gap is not filled, it is easy to collect dust, which will make it difficult to clean in the future.

Comparison of construction techniques:

a. Waterproof film construction process is short, capital and labor cost is low, for example, a swimming pool of 1000 square meters, the bottom of the pool wall is full of scraping rubber and swimming pool film can be completed in 3 days, and the 24-hour dry plastic swimming pool can test the water.

b. The mosaic joint strength of the mosaic tile pavement is 28 days. The capital labor cost is long and the cycle is long. It is not suitable for the customers who save the cost and the construction period.

On the economic cost in the later period, it is more cost-effective to choose waterproof film. It will not leak repeatedly. If the maintenance period is short, it is easy to operate. The first swimming pool waterproof film material can be recycled and reused. The environmental protection products are used healthily, not only maintaining the ecological balance of the environment. It also pays attention to the decorative environment of human living formaldehyde, which is not only waterproof and durable, but also more affordable.

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