As the oldest and most attractive decorative means existing in Ancient Rome, Mosaic is also the most expressive art form. "Mosaic" with a proud face, has become a favorite building materials. shell mosaic tile is a mosaic under the banner with its unique material, the formation of a unique artistic style and designers widely used global interior decoration, but also today's most new building materials decoration materials. Huagui shell mosaic tile manufacturers supplying custom  shell mosaic tile to meet most customers in their need.


Why most customers will choose the shell mosaic shell for their household decoration? Shell Mosaic Tile feels smooth, more close to nature. Shell mosaic tile products are widely used in Mosaic products after the development of the existence of a special way to solve the shortcomings of traditional mosaic products. It is made of pure natural mother-pearl shell: white shell, black shell, yellow shell, abalone shell, cow shell, pink shell and so on constitute a relatively large brick. Its surface crystal, gougeous colors, high and attractive, sending out the breath from nature, its natural and environmental protection, can let consumers away from formaldehyde pollution, radiation, favored by people, and therefore is widely used in, setting metope and ground of indoor small area the size of indoor metope and shell as a decorative panel, furniture surface decoration, handicrafts, clothing accessories.


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