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What Are The Best Ways To Clean Swimming Pool Tiles?


Swimming pools are an excellent edition to your place and you might have been very thrilled when you first set a pool. You must also have been pretty excited when you picked the beautiful tiles from the pool tiles for sale. What isn't pretty is the dirt that get settled at the base of the pool right on the tiles, also called the waterline. This becomes much starker if the tiles are light in colour. It not only makes the pool look bad, but also takes the fun out of diving. The good news is you don't have to spend a lot on pool cleaning services or look but can do it yourselves and make the tile look.  


What creates the dirt?

The dirt that gathers on the water bases like pools, sinks or water tubs are stains due to a natural process called scaling. Calcium is one of the components of water and when water evaporates, some amount of calcium is left behind that hangs on to the water surface. This is what you see as the white and greyish layer on the waterline. This is usually very hard and not easy to clean.  


Typically, there are two types of such scaling based on different calcium combinations:


Calcium Carbonate

The scaling on the pool tiles look like flaky white layer in case of calcium carbonate deposits. One wat to be sure it is calcium carbonate if you see bubbles if the scum comes in contact with muriatic acid. The good thing about this is the calcium carbonate scaling is easier one to get rid of.


Calcium Silicate

The other one and you are right, the difficult one of the two to clean, is the scaling due to calcium silicate deposit. No bubbles from the contact with muriatic acid is a sure shot way to figure out that the scaling is due to calcium silicate. Cleaning with pumice stone could be a solution for cleaning. If the dirt still remains, then it would be wise for you to look for new pool tiles for sale again.


Effective methods to remove the stains and scaling from the waterline tiles


Clear the pool surface first


Even before you start attacking the stains and scaling, first clean the base. Remove any visibly dirt, leaves, etc. by sweeping the floor. A simple vacuum cleaning will do. Reduce the water levels and clean the surface to prepare for further cleaning.


Check the type of scaling

Put muriatic acid on the waterline tiles and first determine what time of scaling it is. Application of the acid with hands and legs properly covered and watching out for the bubbles on the pool base will let you know what kind of scaling it is. Remember that muriatic acid is a very harsh acid and it is always recommended to let a professional or pool dealer handle it.


Brush the waterline tiles

If it is calcium carbonate scaling, scrub the waterline tiles with a brush that you usually to clean any other tiles. The stiffer the brush, the easier it is to clean the scaling. You could also use a normal tooth brush for smaller areas.

Use regular cleaning agent

Vinegar mixed in water, baking soda and toothpaste are proven and effective cleaning and stain erasing agents. Just use any of these to clean the scaling. If the scaling is difficult to remove with any of these or if the stains are due to calcium silicate, use a pumice stone with tile cleaner. You can get these in a pool store which have pool tiles for sale. Make sure that you cover yourself properly when you use these products.  


Commercial Tile Cleaner

If the stains and scaling prove to be a tough nut to crack and all your regular cleaning agents turn out ineffective, use commercial tile cleaners or cleaning products with sulfamic acid. You have to exercise caution when using harsh acidic products like these. Make sure that you cover yourself properly when using these products


Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a method where the baking soda is blasted through high pressure compressors onto the tiles surface. While it is a relatively safe method, it is done only by professional cleaners. Call one if you have to employ this method to clean the waterline tiles scaling.


Call a professional  

If the calcium deposits are severe or the scales on rough textured stone are proving to be impossible to remove, it is wise to call a professional. They would typically train the entire water, use harsher chemicals if required expertly and also refine the pool if necessary.


Whenever in doubt, don't wait to call a professional cleaning agent or your pool servicing company. They know how to use the abrasive cleaning agents and clean the pool properly.  


While these are the various methods to remove scaling and stains from the waterline tools, it is important that you take preventive steps to keep the waterline tiles clean and not have a situation where you find yourself in stressful state of spending time and effort in cleaning the waterline stains.

How to prevent waterline stains in the future?

Regular Cleaning The most basic and fundamental preventative measure is to clean the pool surface regularly. Vacuuming the pool surface and clearing particle dirt is very important.


Scrubbing and Brushing

Use regular cleaning agents and brush the waterline tiles and the sides of the pool regularly. Regular Shock Chlorination


Based on manufacturer's directions use chemical shock treatment, typically chlorine and bleach, at regular intervals. This helps water to be clean by removing bacteria and algae. Check water pH levels regularly


This is often overlooked by many, but is essential that the water has the optimal pH balance. Right pH levels mean the water has no acidity and alkalinity in it. Higher pH level in water can be lead to a risk of scaling on the water tiles.  


Selecting right kind of pool tiles


From the pool tiles for sale, select appropriate tiles that are easy to clean. Mosaic tools are currently very popular which come in various designs and styles.  


A good looking pool can add to the beauty of any home. But scaling and stains on the waterline tiles can damage the pool's appearance and also the essential filter systems. It takes lot of time, effort and sometime money too to clean the stains from the tiles. Following the above mentioned preventive measures can will keep you pool clean for longer times and also for most part, eliminates the chances of water leaving deposits on the waterline tools which turns into scaling and stains.

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